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  • For those of you in the customer service/patient experience field within the healthcare industry, I would like to know what HIPAA-compliant software you are...
    MAMinKY  |  (1 answers, 1 new)   |   Answer
  • Anyone know which companies are handling 50,000 or even 75,000+ calls per day?
    jacobsne  |  (9 answers, 1 new)   |   Answer
  • Where can I find a recorded customer management webinar?
    gvasiliou  |  (5 answers, 3 new)   |   Answer
  • I would like to offer my book for review and possible inclusion/mention on this website. The title is: "Earn More Tips On Your Very Next Shift...Even If...
    Steve DiGioia  |  (1 answers, 1 new)   |   Answer
  • A client of mine in the food services industry (fast food restaurant) is looking for a consultant who can help with call center scripting. Any recommendations?
    Robbiestroud  |  (4 answers, 1 new)   |   Answer
  • My company, KIXEYE (, is looking for a consultant with expertise in building scalable support operations. Our business has tripled this year with...
    xandamere  |  (3 answers, 1 new)   |   Answer
  • Can we advertise our web banners of a new product for customer support on customer management iq?
    vvnjoey  |  (1 answers, 1 new)   |   Answer
  • My team and I would like to attend the webinar, Serving Millennial Customers - Google & TELUS Share Insights on November 7, but when I created an account it...
    Tonniebrown  |  (1 answers, 1 new)   |   Answer
  • We are currently looking at restructuring the journey our customer takes into our Customer Care organisation, can you recommend any companies to work with in...
    Flacon  |  (5 answers, 1 new)   |   Answer
  • I am a new appointed manager for a customer service department , the main objective I have is to implement some changes for the better. We are working within...
    mkb130384  |  (3 answers, 1 new)   |   Answer

299 question results
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