Scotia Bank on Social Customer Care: It's No Longer Hypothetical...But Neither is the ROI

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“If customers walked into a physical, retail environment, we simply would not ignore them indefinitely.  Why would we do that in a virtual space?”

The bad news for organizations hesitating to offer social customer care?  Demand for support on social media is no longer a hypothetical, and organizations that fail to deliver on this crucial customer expectation will fall drastically behind the competition.

The good news?  The benefits of social customer care are also no longer hypothetical, and organizations that successfully support customers in the burgeoning channel stand to experience significant returns on their investments.

But what exactly are these benefits?  And what exactly is required in the transition from “going social” to “succeeding” on social?

In this exclusive podcast, Michelle Pinchev, the social customer care manager for Scotia Bank and a featured presenter at the 8th Call Centre Week Canada, April 29-May 2, 2013, Toronto, ON, reveals the various dimensions of an effective foray into social customer service.  From arming your contact center with the right talent, to understanding how to best support customers in social, to establishing organizational buy-in, to measuring the ROI, Pinchev’s insights provide an actionable blueprint for getting your social media strategy on the right track.

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