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The Six Essential Principles of Call Center Performance Management

Posted: 01/20/2010

Jo’Ann Alderson, President of Progressive Communications and author of Connecting in a Faceless World, wants you to achieve your New Year’s resolution this year. Alderson is committed to getting your call center into shape.

The “Oprah” of her industry, Alderson presents the six essential principles of call center performance management.

Alderson is a call center change champion who offers a clear and powerful refresher on the right amount of measuring. She argues that so many people measure too much, while others don’t measure enough. Her six principles will guide you to measurably exceed sales targets, attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Many call center executives find themselves caught in the traps of the customer service world. These traps include decreasing productivity and the elimination of the customer from the customer service equation—when customer service turns into customer circus.

Job one of a call center is to build customer commitment. What we need to realize is that change happens—and it’s time to get back on our feet and get the ball rolling. But when we are answering the same question in the same way we stop listening to the customer. Alderson helps you improve your management practices for increased call center performance.

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