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Welcome to CCIQ, an online industry resource providing industry professionals with exclusive access to a library of multimedia presentations from top executives presenting at leading industry events from around the world.

Advantages to marketing with CCIQ:

CCIQ is a cost-effective way to deliver your message, position yourself as a thought leader, and introduce new products, techniques and strategies to the market
Allows you to not only align your company with CCIQ's wealth of relevant content and media but also IQPC's well recognized event brands
CCIQ can quickly deliver a customized advertising package to help you meet your business initiatives through our wealth of media assets to ensure that you capture top-quality leads that can be tracked and prospected.

Sponsorship opportunities still exist for full hour live webinar presentations and roundtable participation in our online events. There are also opportunities to contribute and take part as a thought leader in one of our executive reports. Contact Simon Copcutt at for more details

2017 Online Events Include:

  • CCW Online Part 1: Technology & Operations March 14-16
  • CCW Online Part 2: Performance & Agents May 9-11
  • CX Impact Online: August 1-3
  • CCW Fall Online: September 26-28
  • CCW Winter Online: December 5-7

2017 Executive Reports:

  • CCW Part 1: Technology & Operations February 17th
  • CCW Part 2: Performance & Agents April 7th
  • CX Impact: July 7th
  • CCW Fall: September 1st
  • CCW Winter: November 13th

About CCIQ and IQPC:

CCIQ is a forum for sharing ideas, best practices and solutions within the business community. Simply put, you can interact, share solutions to your business problems with an incredible network of authoritative sources and practicing professionals.

CCIQ enables Executives in Call Center Management, Customer Feedback, Pricing, Segmentation, Loyalty, Social Media, Marketing and Customer Self Service to network with their peers and find a method, a solution or a proven best practice that solves specific problems when they need it solved. We offer a steady stream of front-line content that is timely, relevant, practical and has been validated by practitioners.

CCIQ and IQPC provide educational conferences, training courses and expositions for executives to network and learn the latest developments and trends occurring in organizations today. The IQ concentrates on creating an interactive experience featuring practical, objective and up-to-date insight from leading practitioners.

Annual events include:

  • CCW Winter
  • CCW Europe
  • 18th Annual CCW
  • CX Impact
  • CCW Fall
  • CCW Africa
  • CCW Middle East