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Hot Infograph: Why Can't You Get a 360-Degree View of Your Customers? - Call Center IQ

Infograph: Call Center IQ surveyed senior customer analytics and insight professionals from leading telecoms operators to find out more about their barriers to making customer insight actionable, market views on the most effective methods for gathering customer insights and key areas of focus for the next 12 months. Full Article »

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Customer Service "Best Practices" Simply Aren't Good Enough -

While hitting generic call center benchmarks and meeting so-called customer service "best practices" might seem like notable achievements, the reality is that your customers may be demanding significantly more. How can you deliver the experience they truly want? Full Video »

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Q&A with First Tennessee Bank: Driving Profit, Customer Satisfaction from Big Data -

First Tennessee's chief marketing officer shares how his organization has successfully leveraged Big Data to achieve more profit, improved marketing ROI and a better customer experience. How can you do the same? Full Podcast »

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Hospitals: Don't Call Me Patient, Call Me Customer!

Contributor: Tripp Babbitt
Posted: 6/16/2010

Hospitals: Don't Call Me Patient, Call Me Customer! - Tripp Babbitt

I recently saw an ad in my newspaper for a Heart Scan at a local hospital. Full Column »

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