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Apple's iPhone "Bendgate" - What is the Customer-Centric Response? - Call Center IQ

What does it truly mean to stand behind one’s brand? What should dictate a brand’s commitment to the notion of customer centricity? These questions lie at the center of the contemplation process for Apple, which is presently embroiled in a public relations firestorm related to its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices. Full Article »

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Video: Zynga & TELUS Reveal the 7 Keys to a Customer-Centric Call Center -

You can have all the right technology and measure performance against all the right metrics, but if your customer support teams and partners are not completely committed to a culture of customer centricity, you can wave satisfaction goodbye. Full Video »

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Amazon's Mayday Button: Why Customer Service Needs a Human Touch -

It might be one feature offered by one company, but the "Mayday" button on Amazon's Kindle Fire speaks to an essential ingredient in today's customer experiences: human interaction. Full Podcast »

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Hospitals: Don't Call Me Patient, Call Me Customer!

Contributor: Tripp Babbitt
Posted: 6/16/2010

Hospitals: Don't Call Me Patient, Call Me Customer! - Tripp Babbitt

I recently saw an ad in my newspaper for a Heart Scan at a local hospital. Full Column »

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What to Do - And What Not To Do - In Today's Age of the Customer

Creating great products—and providing great telephone support for those products—is no longer enough. To establish a competitive advantage and garner loyalty, businesses must demonstrate their commitment to the customer at every touch point and at every moment of the lifecycle. Full Whitepaper »

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