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Learning from Comcast: Unintended Consequences or Missed Opportunities? - Rick Merson

The recent uproar about the cable CSR who made it inappropriately difficult for a customer to cancel got me thinking about the law of unintended consequences – and how to plan for “unintended” outcomes. Full Article »

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Video: Zynga & TELUS Reveal the 7 Keys to a Customer-Centric Call Center -

You can have all the right technology and measure performance against all the right metrics, but if your customer support teams and partners are not completely committed to a culture of customer centricity, you can wave satisfaction goodbye. Full Video »

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Amazon's Mayday Button: Why Customer Service Needs a Human Touch -

It might be one feature offered by one company, but the "Mayday" button on Amazon's Kindle Fire speaks to an essential ingredient in today's customer experiences: human interaction. Full Podcast »

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Hospitals: Don't Call Me Patient, Call Me Customer!

Contributor: Tripp Babbitt
Posted: 6/16/2010

Hospitals: Don't Call Me Patient, Call Me Customer! - Tripp Babbitt

I recently saw an ad in my newspaper for a Heart Scan at a local hospital. Full Column »

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Call Center IQ Presents: 2014 Executive Report on the Customer Experience

After revealing how businesses are currently performing, the free report then reveals business' plans for driving customer satisfaction. Which metrics will they use? On which elements of the customer experience will they focus? Which "best practices" will they implement to improve those customer experience elements? Which buzzworthy technologies and strategies will they continue to ignore? Full Whitepaper »

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