Customer Experience
Contributor: Kristin Guthrie
Posted: 05/03/2016
Kristin Guthrie
Smiley faces on receipts. Chocolates on hotel pillows. "Have a nice day" on invoices. These simple gestures make customers happier while driving more profit for your business! Full Article »
Posted: 05/10/2016
We are all striving to cultivate this "mojo." We want our customer experiences and agent experiences to become magical, because magical experiences drive glorious business results Full Podcast »
Contributor: Tripp Babbitt
Posted: 04/26/2011
Tripp Babbitt
During his recent globetrotting, CMIQ columnist Tripp Babbitt struggled to get answers online and over the phone about a malfunctioning phone. He gives some thoughts on what to avoid in multi-channel, international customer service. Full Column »
Posted: 05/18/2016
Aiming to deliver an effortless, personalized, predictive, and proactive journey for your customers?  Let this infographic serve as your road map!Supported by exclusive market research data, it reveals what you need to gain better customer feedback, improve the omni-channel experience, create more engaging interactions, introduce more producti Full Whitepaper »