Customer Experience
Posted: 07/01/2013
Martin Dowson is a recognized CX expert with a specific focus within Financial Services. Having led several failing banks back from the edge of customer ‘blowout’ and developed marketing leading customer experience for others, he possesses a wealth of insights concerning financial customer management challenges. He spoke to UK Customer Full Podcast »
Contributor: Tripp Babbitt
Posted: 04/26/2011
Tripp Babbitt
During his recent globetrotting, CMIQ columnist Tripp Babbitt struggled to get answers online and over the phone about a malfunctioning phone. He gives some thoughts on what to avoid in multi-channel, international customer service. Full Column »
Posted: 04/22/2016
2015 CCIQ Executive Reports
Call Center IQ’s Executive Reports have proven to be leading identifiers of key trends in the customer experience and contact center spaces. Last year, thousands of readers downloaded our 5 reports for updates on customer experience strategy, new technology, agent engagement, contact center metrics, omni-channel engagement, and emerging customer se Full Whitepaper »