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Brian Cantor is a customer experience and marketing analyst who currently serves as the managing editor and community director of IQPC’s Customer Management IQ, an online advisory portal and publication for professionals in the space.
Brian’s customer management commentaries, which draw inspiration from empirical research and real-world anecdotes rather than antiquated management textbooks, have been called “must-read” resources for call center managers, customer experience leaders, retailers and social media specialists and have been cited by prominent publications like Forbes.  He has also been invited to contribute for leading industry outlets like Social Media Today and Biznology.
Drawing on his events production background with IQPC, Brian also created and produced the successful “Social Media for Customer Management” and “Call Center Success” online event series.
Through the eNewsZone Media Network, an online media company he founded while a freshman in high school, Brian additionally analyzes “backstage” news in entertainment and sports.  His celebrity interviews and industry assessments have been featured by leading outlets like Yahoo!, Perez Hilton, Deadspin and Movieline.
Brian graduated from Harvard University in 2009 as an honors joint concentrator in Sociology and Economics.  He focused on Government as a secondary concentration.
Always game for discussion about customer management, entertainment and sports, Brian is also thrilled to answer questions on fitness and nutrition.  Feel free to contact Brian at brian.cantor@iqpc.comand visit his publication’s homepage at

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  • Potbelly Empowers its Employees, Makes Customers Hungry for More

    “Just so you know, your lunch will be on us today.” She was not responding to a formal customer complaint.  She was not echoing an offer approved by her supervisor.  The Potbelly Sandwich Shop employee recognized her organization’s failure to deliver a customer’s order with the appropriate timeliness and accuracy.  She recognized that the customer, though... Full Article »

  • Uh-Oh: I Can't Engage Customers in Every Channel -- Is All Hope Lost?

    The following is an excerpt from Call Center IQ’s “Executive Report on the Omni-Channel Customer Experience.”  Download your free copy of the report, which features exclusive research into omni-channel customer service, performance, challenges and solutions . Established and irrefutable is the fact that in order to truly create an omni-channel environment, a business needs... Full Article »

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  • Does Rudeness Ruin Customer Service?

    “Wow!  That guy had no idea how to speak to customers,” complained my colleague following a joint customer support call with one of our technology vendors. “But he helped us solved our problem in a few minutes,” I rebutted.  “When does that ever happen?” Conditioned to believe customer support calls are about making meaningful connections, my... Full Article »

  • 5 Customer Experience Mistakes -- In Real Life

    It is 12:45AM ET.  As an entertainment blogger unwilling to be vilified by the “spoiler police,” I am live-Tweeting my recorded version NBC’s “The Voice” in conjunction with its live broadcast on the west coast. Suddenly, I hear a click.  The screen goes blank, and my cable box starts displaying random characters and symbols rather than the time. ... Full Article »

  • WWE's Smackdown - Is it Okay to Insult Your Customers?

    Aware that a customer’s long-term trust is more meaningful than his spend on a singular transaction, the best, most customer-centric organizations never hesitate to communicate value.  If they feel they can enhance a customer’s experience or limit the cost he endures in pursuing that experience, they work excitedly to do so. But is there such a thing as "too... Full Article »

  • What "Normal" People Think About Customer Service

    When levying criticism against organizations, customer management thought leaders—including contributors at Call Center IQ—often dwell on detachment from the voice of the customer. Businesses, thought leaders argue, devise and implement strategies from the isolated comfort of their boardrooms.  Unable to relate to customers and unwilling to truly understand who they are and what... Full Article »

  • The 3 Es – How To Drive Agent Performance, Improve the Support Experience

    Organizational leadership can say all the right things regarding customer-centricity.  Human resources can do a tremendous job of recruiting intelligent, personable, motivated agents to handle help desk inquiries. Without successfully fusing the practices together, its philosophically admirable initiatives will provide little tangible reward.  They will do little to elevate the... Full Article »

  • 4 Facts About the Omni-Channel Customer Service Revolution

    Derived and designed in the boardroom, many customer service initiatives hitch their wagons to the notion of luck. They can align perfectly with widely touted customer service “best practices,” rely on supremely innovative technology and demonstrate vast superiority over competitors’ offerings, but the initiatives ultimately emerge devoid of influence from the one voice that... Full Article »

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  • Omni-Channel: The Game is Changing

    The following is derived from Call Center IQ's Executive Report on the Omni-Channel Customer Experience.   Download your complimentary copy now ! The disparity between mindset and execution rears its head in all facets of contact center strategy. It explains why organizations can recognize the efficiency and scalability of cloud solutions but still primarily rely upon on-premise... Full Article »

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  • Customer Management Lessons from "Seinfeld" - Part Five

    After nearly a year of independently dissecting the call center and customer service realms, we are once again willing to let the iconic sitcom “Seinfeld” do the thinking for us. A source of some of the wisest, most astute commentary on everything from race relations, to romantic interactions between genders, to the hazard of introducing politics into conversation,... Full Article »

  • Don't Treat Your Customers Like "Leftovers"

    Johanson: “What did they do?  If the drinks are on them, it is because you have been seriously wronged.” Nora: “Maybe they’re just rewarding me for being a loyal customer…” Johanson: “No, that isn’t the way the world works.” Nora: “Indeed, it is not.” Believe it or not, Patrick Johanson, not Nora Durst, represented the voice... Full Article »

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