LogMeIn Presents: How to Improve Engagement with a Multi-Channel Strategy

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013,
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

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In a recent Aberdeen report 60% of companies reported that they weren’t able to increase customer satisfaction in 2012. With more than 80% of revenues coming from existing customers it is imperative for service organizations to focus on improving customer engagement.

 Register for the webinar “How to Improve Engagement with a Multichannel Strategy” to hear Sumair Dutta, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Service Management at the Aberdeen Group and Ross Haskell, Director of Products at LogMeIn as they discuss:

  • The increasing focus on service and support as a competitive differentiator
  • Practical tips for Driving a comprehensive multichannel strategy to maximize customer engagement, increase resolution rates and boost sales conversions
  • Trends in the multichannel preferences of customers and best practices for selecting the right mix of services

Gain insights into how Best-in-Class service organizations execute on a customer-centric strategy that supports their multichannel customers. Register today.


Sumair Dutta

Sumair Dutta
Vice President and Principal Analyst

As a Vice President and Principal Analyst in service management practice, Sumair Dutta researches and examines how service and manufacturing executives are utilizing technology and streamlining business practices to improve post-sales service and support processes. Through practitioner benchmarking and analysis of Aberdeen’s research database, he examines how Best-in-Class service organizations are reengineering their service chains for optimum performance and increased profitability.

Ross Haskell

Ross Haskell
Director of Products

Ross Haskell has been a marketing leader and consultant at technology companies for nearly 20 years. Currently director of products for BoldChat at LogMeIn, he has special interest in translating consumer data into actionable insights for website and service professionals. Ross earned his marketing degree at Boston College and his MBA from Texas A&M University.

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