"Moneyball" Game Changer Helps You Hit a Home Run with Big Data Strategy

Contributor: Brian Cantor
Posted: 09/17/2012
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If it could transform the game of baseball, imagine what it can do for your organization.

On second thought, forget about imagining.

Come November, the ability to revolutionize the way your organization develops business, marketing and customer experience strategies will be firmly within your reach. This unparalleled opportunity to gain an immense advantage over your competitors will no longer be a pipe dream but instead a very real fruit very ripe for the plucking.

And the man who will you help you seize the opportunity is the same executive who became a household name as he turned the 2002 Oakland Athletics into a national Cinderella story and ultimately transformed the business of America’s greatest pastime.

That is correct: Billy Beane, the focus of the breakout literary and film sensation "Moneyball," will deliver the opening keynote at Call Center IQ’s Big Data Business Forum, taking place November 12-14, 2012 in San Francisco, CA.

Beane’s emphasis on data-driven decision-making enabled his underdog team to find success in the "unfair game" of Major League Baseball, and at the November Forum, he will reveal how that same emphasis will help your business dominate its own industry.

Though hyped extensively as a top priority for today’s business leader, "Big Data" is certainly not a hollow marketing gimmick to sell software. It is a surefire gateway to unprecedented business opportunity, and when executed correctly, it will enable organizations to build an insurmountable lead over their competitors.

But executing a successful data management strategy is not as simple as pressing a button and saying "go," and if organizations are not positioned to acquire the right data, implement the right technologies, create the right organizational collaborations and connect intelligence to the right business strategies, they can forget about reaping the desired rewards.

And that is why the Big Data Business Forum focuses not on the theoretical but on the actual; Billy Beane truly helped sabermetrics emerge as a linchpin for success in modern day baseball, and he will thus speak from a position of proof when he shares his insights at the Forum.

As will the other speakers on the star-studded faculty, including Rayid Ghani, the chief data scientist for the 2012 Obama for America campign, Gary Class, the senior vice president of enterprise consumer analysis at Wells Fargo and Phil Shelley, the chief technology officer for Sears.

These individuals—and all other executives presenting at the Big Data Business Forum—have enjoyed the first-hand results of effective data-driven decision-making, and come November, they will not be speaking about Big Data, the buzzword, but about the Big Data that delivers meaningful business results.

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Contributor: Brian Cantor