Customer Engagement and Loyalty: How Personalization Impacts a Call to Action

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012,
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

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One of the biggest problems for enterprises today is the large volume of customer calls. High operating costs prevent human interaction for every phone call, yet research continues to show that customers prefer to speak with a person, not a robot. Tara’s presentation will focus on the new technology that allows for increasing customer satisfaction by utilizing Voice Your Data (VYD). VYD converts customer data into highly personalized and relevant voice messages, splicing them together to sound like a seamless human-message voice. The result – tailored automated responses that bring back human interaction.


Tara Kelly

Tara Kelly
Founder, President & CEO
SPLICE Software

Founder, President & CEO of SPLICE Software, Tara Kelly has a passion for providing customers meaningful value added technology in the field of Simplified Communications. As a serial entrepreneur who has developed three companies, Tara’s expertise is multi-dimensional but focused on creating businesses that use technology to enhance operations, service and customer experience.
In less than five years, this Calgary-born business woman took a revolutionary concept – personalized human voice messaging – and turned it into a million dollar company that is an internationally recognized leader in effective customer communications.

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