IQPC Customer Management and Call Center Conferences

IQPC has been a stalwart of the call center conference industry for years, producing various customer management conferences and call center conferences throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Some flagship IQPC customer management conferences include Call Center Summit, Customer Experience Exchange, Customer Self Service Summit, E-Retailing and Customer Insight Exchange among others. IQPC also holds the premier call center conference, Call Center Week on an annual basis. The Call Center Week Conference is geared specifically towards call center professionals. At IQPC conferences customer management professionals from various nationalities and various experiences come together to hear industry experts illustrate their successes, share best practices and address industry issues and challenges.

IQPC, Customer Management IQ and Industry Learning

IQPC, through our online portal Customer Management IQ is pleased to provide customer management and call center industry professionals and stakeholders with the highest level of training and the opportunity for continuous learning. IQPC recognizes that the learning process never stops for customer management professionals. Consequently, we are devoted to providing you with as much industry information and training as we can before you attend our conferences, as well as the tools to build upon your industry learning after the conference has ended. Through Customer Management IQ, IQPC provides customer management and call center professionals with the tools to build on their conference learning via the provision of additional materials in the form of articles, podcasts and videos. Additionally, IQPC offers free webinars and accredited seminars that are geared towards training industry professionals for certification examinations.

IQPC, Customer Management IQ and Professional Relationship Building

While IQPC recognizes the great value of peer interaction at these conferences, time is often limited. Networking can often take a back seat to the classes and seminars hosted by our roster of industry experts and speakers. Customer Management professionals who attend of any of IQPC's customer management or call center conferences have the benefit of meeting peers at various levels within the customer management, call center, marketing and customer service industries. Customer Management IQ bridges that gap by providing the ideal space and opportunity for conference attendees to further their networking and build on the relationships they create at our customer management conferences. On Customer Management IQ, you are able to ask and respond to questions, form groups around pertinent issues and essentially manage your industry relationships through one hub. Together, IQPC and Customer Management IQ allows you 360 degree access to learning and network building opportunities that you need, within the customer management industry in order to further enhance your knowledge and professional expertise.

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